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  • If you are not yet on our Facebook Group, please join for the most up-to-date posts of upcoming events and opportunities, and shared work in progress of fellow artists!
    You are welcome to dialogue with others as well as post info about your own work or event if it is related to the arts and conducted in accordance with Torah laws of Shabbat observance, Kol Isha if relevant, and ethical business practice.
  • Second, we hope to have a new website soon - thank you for your patience as we strive to improve.
  • Last, we are planning a conference for January 22-24, 2016 focusing on the DEVELOPMENT OF NEW MATERIAL, skills in arts administration, and the importance of arts in the orthodox community.
    PARTNERS IN CREATION: The Development of Original Material in Music, Dance, Theater & Film
  • Thanks so much for being part of the Arts & Torah community,

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    ATARA: The Arts & Torah Association for Religious Artists
    promotes creative and performing arts expression within the framework of Jewish religious law.

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